Start with this sentence: Buy vegetables in small quantities, for your immediate use. You bought small quantities of vegetables. What are Limited Quantities? How to use quantity in a sentence. Use of intermediate packaging is an option for Dangerous Goods in Limited Quantities but it is mandatory to use intermediate packaging for Liquid goods of Class 8, packing group II in glass, porcelain or stoneware inner packagings. Learn more. See more. Search limited quantities and thousands of other words in English definition and synonym dictionary from Reverso. The theory has to do with the accumulation of dust and carbon dioxide that modern technology pours into the atmosphere in great quantities. limited quantity label (lq mark) for packages under adr & imdg The Limited Quantity Label (or LQ mark) is a diamond shaped symbol that is applied to packages to indicate that the products within the combination packaging are dangerous goods that are packaged in accordance with the Limited … Materials which are permitted on passenger aircraft and which meet the criteria of the following classes, divisions and packing groups (as appropriate) and are specifically listed in the Dangerous Goods List as being authorized may be carried under the limited quantities provisions.

However, when the amount of certain hazardous material packed within a package is limited, the magnitude of the hazard is reduced but not eliminated. Example Limited Quantity inner packagings and outer packagings limit. Quantity definition is - an indefinite amount or number. Limited Quantities. All materials which meet the criteria of one of the nine (9) hazard classes are regulated as hazardous materials for transport. quantity definition: 1. the amount or number of something, especially that can be measured: 2. the amount or number of…. You buy a small quantity of carrots, a small quantity of onions, and a small quantity of potatoes. Quantity definition, a particular or indefinite amount of anything: a small quantity of milk; the ocean's vast quantity of fish.