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I have a few external SSD drives is a USB3.1 and 3.0 cases. Do i need to be concerned because TRIM is not supported on these drives. Keuze uit: G-Technology 1-TB G-DRIVE R-Series externe SSD-schijf,G-Technology 1‑TB G-DRIVE Mobile draagbare harde schijf met USB‑C-poort ... which could be a version of USB 3.0 rather than Thunderbolt – is to test it with your own software and data. Enhance your Mac performance, monitor health and much more with the all-new Trim Enabler 4. ( puur data lezen en en schrijven, toegangstijden SSD zullen gelijk blijven) De externe kastjes die zg UAS ondersteunen ( usb over scsi) kunnen veel beter overweg met bv een SSD je kan dan indien nodig trim support aanzetten.

- Heeft iemand ervaring met het gebruik van een externe SSD als bootdrive onder macOS via USB? TRIM did not help. I also had a USB 3.0 drive as boot up for my iMac 5k. Its like how long time ago, we could not give trim commands over RAID, until that was worked and fixed. This means you need to pick an SSD with a very well regarded garbage collection system that works well without TRIM, and you will need to set aside additional SSD space to ensure the garbage collection system operates well. SORTA WRONG - TRIM is not just about life cycles. Can an external SSD match the Mac Mini's pricey inbuilt storage? Hele grote kans dat je supersnelle SSD na een tijdje de snelheid heeft vergelijkbaar met een simpel 2,5 inch drive. Ten slotte, volgens Startech ondersteunt hun nieuwere USB 3.1 enclosure wel de TRIM command. The #1 SSD performance utility to enable Trim for your Mac. When you cross bridges to a USB sata controller, i believe you lose TRIM. - Is TRIM noodzakelijk om de SSD optimaal te kunnen gebruiken als bootdrive? They are Samsung 850 & 860 EVO drives. Garbage collection did not help. Trim is a command directly given out on the SSD Controller. However there are a few drawbacks, then most important one is the an external SSD connected to your Mac using USB will not support TRIM. - Vermindert de levensduur door het missen van TRIM? It is relative to the type of NAND, Cache, and other "stuff" WRONG - I have an older Mac with SSD SATA Drives. I store my photo collection and working files on these and they are backed up. WRONG - TRIM makes a difference.